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Unlimited Carfax Means 5??

CARFAX TRICK to get money out of you. Order unlimited but only get 5 VIN reports, hidden text says unlimited license plate reports, which are worthless. This is a change. I ordered it a couple of years ago when in the market again and thought unlimited VIN reporting was get. But no body list anything other than VIN when selling their car.

I would recommend buying the lower priced offering of consider alternative Autocheck which says clearly on there website that you are allowed unlimited VIN checks in a 30 day period. Just right for job public in a car hunt

Monetary Loss: $60.

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The same thing happened to me it was a bait and switch I thought I was going to get free Leison plate look up’s and I paid $84 and something cents and I got five car faxes this is clearly a bait and switch I am surprised that Carfax I have been using them for many many years and all of a sudden this is terrible and I’m gonna call the federal trade commission and report this


Surprised, disappointed and angry at Carfax for tricking me into buying the $69.99 "unlimited package," yet receiving only 5 VIN searches with it! It allows for unlimited license plate searches, which can be much more difficult to identify when purchasing a used car.

Not good value and I should have purchased a package on Autocheck instead, where the features are more clearly spelled out before you purchase.

Carfax...now in my bait and switch hall of fame!!! Ugh!!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1303244

I'm so angry at Carfax right now, I can't see straight. I had a need to look up several vehicles and when I went to your site, it defaulted to the "UNLIMITED LICENSE PLATE SEARCHES FOR 60 DAY" because I had numerous license plates to look up as well as VIN's.

Imagine my surprise (and anger) when I searched on the first license plate and you didn't have it in your system! Now, I'm already frustrated, so I go to the next license plate and it pops up with VIN and that's all! I start to enter the VIN in the VIN box and then notice that there are only five (5) VIN lookups on this particular plan! What kind of stunt are you trying to pull?

UNLIMITED LICENSE PLATE SEARCHES implies that you are going to get a CARFAX report by looking up a car from the license plate instead of the VIN. I did not see anything to suggest that with UNLIMITED LICENSE PLATE SEARCHES that I would only get five (5) VIN searches! Please refund my credit card and know that I will not do business with you again.

If my purchase is not refunded immediately, I'll have to see what the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Agency think of your bait-n-switch tactics. Thank you for processing an immediate refund!

Central Islip, New York, United States #1249766

I am really upset with Carfax, I ordered the Unlimited Carfax package but it only came with 5 VIN searches and your license plate search does not seem to work at all. Can't even find my sister license plate in the state of NY.

Some of the VIN #s has a free carfax paid by the dealers on the same carfax used car website but it is still counting against my limited 5 VIN searches.

Totally not happy that I paid $75 for the Unlimited Carfax package when the license plate search is not even working and the free carfax report are counted against my limited 5 VIN searches. :(


Unlimited Reports by U.S. License Plate

Valid for 60 Days scam please i could have paid 5999 for a 5 reports i paid more for same amount of report i though it was no limit

Irvine, California, United States #1207431

Total SCAM!!!

They use to have unlimited vin look up but now its only 5, which is worthless, especially if you are looking at a car and their is no plates to run, being personal or out of stat plates so their is no way to run a Carfax on it!


VinAudit for unlimited carfax report alternative for just $1 each :)


I got the same problem. I wish I could find this out before I got CarFax's ripoff.


I was caught by this. A few years ago I used CARFAX unlimited service and it was all the VINs you wanted to lookup.

These people are damaging their brand for no reason whatsoever. Unbelievable.


They dont show it upfront on the credit card payment page. Looks like scam to me.

to sb #935768

This is a CARFAX scam. The advertise unlimited and them limit you to 5!!!!! I paid $54 for 5 reports!!!!!!!!!???

Oviedo, Florida, United States #817168

Thanks - was wondering what "by US License Plate" meant - searched and found this report - definitely not the same thing - especially if dealing with dealers rather than general public.

North Arlington, New Jersey, United States #769233

Hello. I also made the same mistake. In the email I received for my pay I read the next:

"If you purchased the Plan and are not 100% satisfied, you qualify for a refund if:

You have not, nor has any member of your household, received a refund from CARFAX within the last 12 months;

You have run two or less CARFAX Reports on your Plan account; and Your refund is requested within 90 days of your date of purchase."

but I don´t see how to do to receive the money back, or am I missing something?

Thanks for your information

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States #762471

Thanks for your review. You just saved me from making a mistake.

The text that says it is by US license plate is bigger now (12/2013) but the website seems to select the so-called unlimited option by default. Thanks again.

Westbury, New York, United States #729555

I got screwed too. Wish I read your note prior !!

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States #724321

agreed, I had the same experience--had used in the past, hadn't seen the fine print that "unlimited" now means only five VIN reports. Ripoff!

Middletown, New York, United States #683514

I agree completely.

The terms of service does not provide a definite link between license plate lookup and private sales.

Also the order page hides the lack of vin searches (only 5) in the selections.

Basically you only find out after you run out.

to Anonymous #1010272

What a waste, they purposely advertise unlimited and when you have used up the 5 you find yourself out of $55 and still don't have a car.

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