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What good does a Carfax report do if a dealer pays cash for a vehicle and the information on a wrecked auto doesn't appear on the report? My daughter just bought her first car, she's in the Army and 19, the carfax report said no damage reported.

Come to find out the car has been wrecked and had some front end damange repaired. WTF? Carfax will never get another dime of my $$. What a rip off!!!!!

This report is misleading and anyone who believes everything a carfax report tells you is gospel needs their head examined.

Don't think Carfax is the only one to get an earful, the deal is next. No wonder this world is in such dire's everyman for himself, there's no compassion anymore!!!

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@zapfan, then what you are saying is nobody should use carfax or anything else like it since you still need to bring your own mechanic to look over the vehicle. The company should be closed down since it is obviously not car FACTS at all.

Its more like car GUESSES or car MISREPRESENTATIONS since you can't even correct their misinformation, even if you are the original owner and have never had an accident. Carfax kept my brother from selling his 2002 Malibu even though he had received it aa a graduation present and had been the only owner. Carfax kept claiming that the car had been in an accident that never happened but even a letter from his insurance company could not make them change their misinformation, claiming that their sources are extremely accurate. Hiding behind "100% accuracy is not guaranteed" is just more bull since they don't even bother to fix their obvious mistakes.

Nothing but liars and cheats... a gigantic rip-off!


Is there any means to hold the dealer accountable for being negligent about their knowledge of a car being wrecked and selling it as if it wasn't and also didn't report the findings to CARfax?


From reading Zap Fan's comments and always pro CARFAX, it would leave you to believe that he is CARFAX or an employee of them.


lulu0611, I understand your anger however you made naive assumptions regarding carfax. NO vehicle report can be 100% accurate, whether from carfax or autocheck and offer NO guarantee.

Before buying any used car insist on a PRE-purchase inspection by a 3rd party mechanic that you choose & trust. ANY mechanic can tell if a car has been seriously damaged or has expensive repairs in its immediate future with a 60-90 minute inspection . For $80-100 you could have prevented your problems.

Next time, take the time to learn how to conduct a preliminary check yourself to detect obvious serious problems. Find maybe 2 or 3 good candidates. Next use autocheck or carfax to look for problems they report. When you've decided on the strongest single choice get a mechanic to do the pre-purchase inspection. If your seller refuses the inspection, look elsewhere.

Better luck next time,


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