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Recently, I bought a new car and traded in my old car. When I bought my old car used in 2003, the Carfax report showed no major accidents, but when I went to trade it for a new car in 2008, the Carfax report, run by the dealer, indicated there was a major accident with the car before I bought it.

As a result, I received $2,500 less than the trade in value. I almost gave them my car. Carfax cannot be relied upon to give accurate information. Never, never, never pay them for a report.

If you want a report ask the dealer for one and then be sure to have the car inspected by an independent mechanic. Don't trust Carfax!

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I bought very expensive and rare vehicle with clean Carfax history and based on it I paid all the money for the car. A year later on the Carfax poped up an accident report...

which decreses the value of the vehicle a lot... When I contacted them they told it is normal even more than a year later to report such a thing. You do your math and decide to relay on them or Not for your next car purchase.

I will never pay even a peny for their ScamFax. They help thiefs and scammers to sell their vehicles.


Carfax is only as good as the info sumitted. I bought a truck from CARMAX which had a clean carfax report.

Turns out that CARMAX ought the truck with body damage and repaired it themselves without reporting the incident to Carfax or me the buyer. A fraud lawsuit is pending.


I have the opposite problem. CarFax has an excellent report for my car that I am now selling.

However, AutoCheck has an accident reported for my VIN that is not mine. The plate number they have on file does not match. I am finding it extremely difficult to work with this company to correct my car's report. They are non-responsive.

It makes me think that the reason they can boast more data per car is that they have bad data and don't mind posting it. Very frustrating.


I've been looking for a reliable site to search Vin Numbers. I am going to DMV.ORG


I had similiar experience has two accidents listed carfax had none; also looked at a jeep that I own just to see accuracy carfax says one owner certified..I know I am the third owner


I recently bought a salvage title vehicle which I am quite satisfied with (great mechanics) except for the air bag deployment which occurred and WAS NOT reported on Carfax. Carfax also has the car listed as having 5 owners and 2 accidents. That is also incorrect- had only 3 owners and it was crashed 3 times.

I found all this out when I took the car to a CA Highway Patrol Safety Test. (required for all salvage titles in CA) They have a government database with the most accurate information. Unfortunately, the rest of us only have Carfax which is completely reliant on what insurance companies report or don't report. The officer informed me that Carfax is nothing more than another business to take money from people and in turn doing a half *** job.

It's best to go through a dealer for this info. Besides, that you are taking a *** shoot with a private seller.

The air bag deployment wasn't reported and now I'm looking at a possible $1000 plus to fix this problem.

Whiting, Wisconsin, United States #41801

To the person that wrote that we are all illiterate. We are all intitled to our consumer rights and our own opinions and that has nothing to do with typing errors made while typing a response.

:grin Your comment makes me think that you must either work there or you have some kind of financial stake in this company. Customer Service is a thing of the past. It does not exist anymore. Unfortunately, this company is the worst of the worst.

If they actually trained their employees, kept better records and treated their customers fairly there would not be any negitive remarks to make against them. Bad things happen to good people.

There is no reason to be so cut-throat. A good company is one that will work with their customer not shake them down for money.

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