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I purchaed a used car in November of 2008, and of course the dealer provided me with a copy of the carfax report for the vehicle that I was buying. The report was clean.

Last Month Feb 2012 we wanted to trade the car in. The car dealer told us there was structrual damage to the vehicle in Aug 08, and the prior dealer was made aware of this damage. The damage did not go on the carfax report until July of 2011. Three years later!

Needless to say I am Screwed.

I trusted Carfax, What a Joke! Buy New.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Mclean, Virginia, United States #584967

I used to get carfax 5-6 years ago but lately their quality is gone down, I live in the area where their corporate headquarter is located and I know they don't pay well to their IT staff so they no longer hire the quality people to do the job, results are obvious. I suggest look for alternate, there are few in market now a days.


I went to a small lot looking for a "beater" car for my 16 yr old son. Dealer said he didn't use Carfax as data is only as good as others reporting it.I bought the Carfax anyway, discovered a lot of service info, and more important to me, what climate it had lived in for 10 yrs.

The car (2000 Ford Taurus) had 165k odometer. Dealer agreed to three minor repairs. The Carfax is no guarantee, it just gives info the seller usually does not know. I thought my $34.

Was a good investment - and no, my credit card was never billed again.

It has driven cross country twice since purchase, only changed plugs and tires. Carfax is not all bad.



As you found out, never trust an outfit like Carfax. They are only as good as the info that gets reported to them.

When in doubt, or as a normal procedure, always have a used car inspected by a good, local mechanic.

They will charge you a few bucks, but it is worth it. As you found out.

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