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I paid $70 for an "Unlimited" report plan, but it turned out to be a big trap. It allows only 5 VIN check, socalled unlimited is for reporting by plate number, which in many cases of car sale is uselsss as plate number is not provided. Carfax does not indicate in the home page or in its "Carfax consumer agreement" that VIN check is limited to 5 only. Carfax should clearly state this most important restriction or even set a warning before a... Read more

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I bought a 2015 Tahoe at the car auction , for resale , after i envested about $7,000 on parts and labor , The mmr on the tahoe was $39000 , i took it to a dealership for sale just to find out on the carfax reported salvage title , total lost , i end up losing about $10,000 dollars thank you carfax .

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I took my car to a speedie lube in VA. to have the oil changed and they entered the mileage wrong and now Carfax is saying that someone has tampered with the speed odometer. Now the car lots {Five star Cadillac in Warner Robins Georgia} are saying that the value is dropped $2500.00 because of the screw up. So now due to this I have a new yard ornament that used to be a really nice Cadillac. I have researched to see if this is even possible... Read more

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Well, I just got them so we can find a used car. I signed up for the 54 dollars for 60 days unlimited. I should have read the fine print. Its unlimited license plate data not unlimited VIN. It only gives you 5 VINS. And the refund details say you cannot get a refund after you run 2 VINS. I mean really, what a bunch of a-holes CARFAX is. Gotta rip off anyone they can I guess. I should have used the other company they were cheaper and gave... Read more

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I spent 49.99 in March 2014 for 5 CarFax reports. Their advertising is misleading it says the reports are valid for 60 days. I thought you could have access to 5 reports for unlimited time. So if I needed to run another report in 2015 or 2016 I would still have more reports left. Now my log in says, no reports left. So I got 1 report for 49.99, rip off. If you are car searching it can take a while and you should be able to get 5 reports even... Read more

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I purchased the "UNLIMITED" package from Carfax and specifically looked into the time frame available for the "UNLIMITED' search. I had been burned already by Autocheck on and unlimited package that I thought was for at least a month and turned out to be 21 days. I thought that Carfax was offering a decent package with the 90 days you had to use their "UNLIMITED" search. As a single mom looking for a car for my college son; I can't afford... Read more

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Our car was in a minor accident. The air bags did not deploy.... fender bender! As we went to trade car in we were told that the air bags had gone off due to a report from car fax... This is totally a lie and false information! This is a big one as it deducted over 2,000 from our trade in. Now, trying to talk to someone from car fax is another story. Somehow their lies have made it our problem. I would think they should contact owner to... Read more

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I have never used car fax, but I have to watch there adds on tv. I make a point of stoping many adds to read fine print; However, I don't even need to do that to take not of thier attention to detail. Next time you see thier latest add on tv....take note that the actrist says, " I don't want one with with lot of accidents. " They didn't even bother to edit well enought to use propper English. That's bad ! Read more

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I had a 4 wheeling mishap (rock scrape) in 2009 that resulted in some superficial body damage to the left side of my 2005 F-150, after the scrape we drove it home from Nevada to Los Angeles with no trouble . My insurance group (Farmers) had a claim accessor call me and he said my truck should be totaled even though he had not inspected it himself, seen no photos, or spoken with the body shop. I said baloney and called my agent. She dispatched... Read more

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Be Careful they will only let you run 5 VIN numbers on their "unlimited" $54.90 deal.. a real rip off.. not at all clear. and they will NOT help you resolve anything.. In their sign up they say 1 report - 5 reports - then unlimited reports and it is not even clear that they mean license plates only especially when they are baiting you into their service with a VIN number report.. which gives you only 4 more. Who gives out their plate number... Read more

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