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Company Carfax
Product / Service Carfax Report
Location Los Angeles, California
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I sued CarFax in Riverside CA Superior Court for posting several erroneous reports including the "One Owner" report I relied on when I bought a "termite infested" Cadillac STS.It turns out there were 4 or more owners and never would have bought the car had I known that.

Prior to this, they posted a 3-4 owner report they changed to "One Owner" prior to my buying the car and relying on the Dealer's link to the report.

I have a default judgment against the dealer but waiting for CarFax's answer I gave their attorney an extension on to 11/14.

Anybody out there want a piece of this?Could be worth some real money damages. 2d5b13e

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Oct 21, 2013 
After buying my car based on a clean accident report, they reported an accident in August 2013, for an accident that presumably happened in January 2012! That is 20 months later- not getting reports on all accidents is one thing, but delaying an accident report could potentially be manipulation! Do you agree?
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Sep 03, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
Bought car 2012 Carfax gave it a clean bill of health. On 2/2013 Carfax makes claim that car was fire damaged and was deemed a total loss. Here's the kicker the fire damage was back on 11/2005.
Now car is worthless and no dealer will give any kind of trade value to the car and we still owe over 11K on the car.
This is Nightmare on Carfax St. There is no recourse for the consumer!
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Aug 22, 2013  from Seattle, Washington
I'm dealing with Carfax now on an incorrect claim that my car was in an accident and suffered "structural damage" two weeks before I bought it. I had it inspected at a body shop; they looked at everything from the weld spots along the unibody, to under the hood, to trunk, etc- they said there is no structural damage- and it's in alignment!
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Mar 23, 2013  from Bellflower, California
I want in also!!! cARFAX sucks!!!! I bought a used car from downeyNissan 2 years ago. Now that I wanted to trade in my car I come to find my car has been in an accident 6 months BEFORE I purchased the car!! It's worth less than half of what I'm still paying for. :x I've been doing all this research and come to find out that its true. A accident report is on file and the dealership is saying that its not true. This is so crazy and frustrating. All I wanted to do is trade my car for something bigger for my family. I'm paying for a car that's not even worth it and no lawyer wants to take the case until I get the accident report which I can't get because I'm considered a third party!!! Uuuuggghhhh!!!!!! So frustrated!!!! :(
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Mar 20, 2013  from Agawam, Massachusetts
carfax is giving used car dealers a bad reputation, dealers are victimized by carfax costing them thousands in losses, first with carfax's advertising saying see your "reputable" dealer for a free report so now the dealer has to spent $800.oo a month for unlimited reports which is the only logical option since now every car that the dealer even considers buying he has to make sure the carfax is clean. now what about when a dealer buys a 3 year old car with a good fax from say the Mercedes remarketing co. at an auction then 2 weeks later an accident shows up reported a few months before but carfax just put the info in, one would think because the leasing company pays so much that carfax delays the info until its back in the used market now the car is worth usually $2-$4k less at an auction because most dealers will not even consider buying a Mercedes with an accident
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Sep 07, 2012 
I did bury them but turn back up like a bad penny. This is an awful company run by idiots but their attorney, once he got involved, proved to be the right answer. So, I would advise you to sue the mothers; you can find a paralegal or new attorney to write up the lawsuit for you, and if you don't make a lot of money the court may waive your fees...like they did for me. This made me whole again, but do not, I repeat, do not ever use carfax again. They're shysters, lie like rugs and make a practice of simply blowing people off hoping they won't go the extra mile. I exhort you to move against them, but never in small claims court. Always use the regular court where you get a real judge and preserve all your rights...unlike the small claims farce. Feel free to call me if you like at nine five one, two three seven, one two seven five.
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Sep 07, 2012 
I have tons of evidence against carfax and the dealer in my case ,when the dealer altered a report to cover up a fraudulant vehicle that they sold to me as low miles but really had over 250,000 miles more than 2&1/2 times the miles
It was sold for and now carfax is trying to cover up for the dealer.
I believe they are both comiting felony crimes on the federal level
1 the car dealer wire fraud ? Conspiracy to commit fraud
2 carfax for aiding & abetting & obstruction of justice
I'm in for getting justice
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Sep 06, 2012 
I am a small car dealer in lincoln nebraska. I sell a wide variety of affordable cars and have a good reputation. I do not believe in the extortion techniques used by Carfax. They spend big money to sell themselves to the naive public and then misrepresent the truth. Some friends of ours came back with a report that our car had an odometer issue. Turns out the dealer just estimated the mileage when we hadf it there for a service issue. By documentation it was proven that it was there error in not getting the reading for themselves. Then this week they, (the same dealer with the blow up car-fox in their lot) told our customer that the car we were selling them , that the car we told them ahead of time , had major collision in april of this year. It had hail and carfax once again was wrong, as the hail passed thru eastern missouri in april 2012. Our prius has all the original body parts with the exeption of the hood which we replaced. As a dealer who makes an honest income , represents the facts to my customers not only in truth , but most of the time with pictures showing the evidence, I for one am tired of being thrown under the bus . My dealer in nebraska is 3985 if needed. Manipulating reports / manipulating dealers.
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1 hour ago  from Ypsilanti Township, Michigan
Have you came up with or found a disclaimer for your customers to sign that says "we (the dealer) will not be held responsible for a carfax or auto check report that is changed after the vehicle is sold"? I work for a dealership and we are looking for just such a form to relive us from the responsibility of a report that changes after the customer takes delivery of their new car.
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Aug 19, 2012 
carfax inaccurarcies hurt both buyers and sellers.

I advertised forsale my 2002 corvette(I am the original owner) with 100,000 miles.
Two potential buyers, decided against the purchase when their cafax reports
indicated that the odometer reading was 164,000 miles! one of the potential buyers responded by telling me that the "carfax" report indicted the odometer reading was changed.
(which I believe is a crime)!

I contact our service\repair station since the "carfax" odometer reading of 164,000 corresponded exactly with our 1999 volkswagon!

Yes you guessed it ...service stations are paid to submit information about your car to carfax.

My service guy admitted that car fax had attributed our volkswagon milage to the corvette.

apparently carfax gets info from an undeterminable number of sources and has no way of determing the accuracy of any of the information.
what's the old saying "garbage in...garbage out".

So, at least two potential buyers for my car paid carfax for inaccurate information, wasted their time
and money, I inturn, spent money on advertising my car wasted my time, and was accused of odometer
tampering and lost the opportunity to sell my car all because carfax "sells" incorrect information.

Since I never authorized anyone including carfax to "sell" information on any of my cars i think
i have the right to
... Show more
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Aug 17, 2012 
How do I get in on this. I just bought a car with a clean carfax and now find out that it has been in an accident. supposed to have been a 1 owner car with no f'n accidents.
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Jul 08, 2012 
After viewing the Carfax, I decided against a two accident vehicle and told dealership why. Few days later Carfax had "updated" info on car to only one accident. I'm beginning to think the dealerships have a back door access to Carfax (for a price, of course).
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Jun 16, 2012 
OMG!!!! I just bought a cadillac sts last night and today when i was cleaning it i realized that it is infested with fleas.... So nasty and unsanitary.... can i sue?
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Mar 31, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
Just put some diatomacous earth in the carpet. roll the winows up they should die,If not you will have to flea bomb the car. Its not really worth suing over you can only win what you are out money wise and even then if you signed something saying as is or you are in a state that is implied as is you will be out of luck.
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Apr 09, 2012 
I bought a certified used Toyota with a clean Carfax history. I discovered the vehicle was infested with mice and had been in an accident before. The general manager of the dealership offered to cancel the deal and let me buy a new car. The g.m. said he was sending the car back to the auction house from where he got it; he also said he was angry with his service manager for certifying the vehicle. In the meantime, that dealership has listed the car for $3000 more than I bought it and certified it again. They also advertised the vehicle as a one owner vehicle, but the Carfax showed two owners. Now when I look at the Carfax, my ownership of the vehicle has disappeared. Is that legal?
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Apr 03, 2012 
How do we proceed with a lawsuit? 9 months after I purchased my vehicle Carfax placed a serious accident on the report, which occurred 2 plus years ago and long before I owned it. At the time of my purchase, the report was clean, which I had relied upon to buy. Now that I want to trade the vehicle which I paid top dollar for is now only worth wholesale.
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Mar 30, 2012 
I went to Toyota dealer to buy a 2011 Toyota Camry. Dealer presented a clean car fax on the preowned Camry I liked. For the *** of it, I ran my own report and the same Camry was involved in multiple accidents, but dealers carfax report didnot indicated that. I have a reason to believe that dealers are using some kind of a software tool to alter the carfax report. Beware of this scams that New car dealers are using. Do your own carfax search have the vehicle inspected by a reputable mechanic. It may save you heartaches in the long run.
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Mar 30, 2012 
I went to Toyota dealer to buy a 2011 Toyota Camry. Dealer presented a clean car fax on the preowned Camry I liked. For the *** of it, I ran my own report and the same Camry was involved in multiple accidents, but dealers carfax report didnot indicated that. I have a reason to believe that dealers are using some kind of a software tool to alter the carfax report. Beware of this scams that New car dealers are using. Do your own carfax search have the vehicle inspected by a reputable mechanic. It may save you heartaches in the long run.
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Mar 30, 2012 
I went to trade my vehicle in, turns out during my ownership they arbitrarily added an "accident" that supposedly occured 2 owners ago, and two plus years ago. They have destroyed any equity I would have had in this vehicle since the dealer states the vehicle needs to be wholesaled now. WTF ???
Not only can you not CALL CARFAX, they make you go through this ridiculous process to correct something they DID !!!
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